We require that all patients register online by using the link below.

Dr. Snyder charges $850, which includes the procedure and the follow up semen analysis.

If you have insurance, it is a good idea for you to contact your insurance company prior to registering with us.  Call the number on your insurance card to get your own preliminary estimate and check your coverage. Once you have supplied your identifying information to them, you will need to ask your insurance company: 1) Is vasectomy in the office (DO NOT SAY “OUT-PATIENT”!) covered by your plan? The procedure code is 55250 (the diagnosis code is Z98.52). 2) Does deductible apply, and if so how much more to meet your deductible? 3) Is Dr. Donald P. Snyder in your network? 4) What is the contract or network price for vasectomy? With these key questions you should be able to get an idea of your likely out-of-pocket expense. Dr. Snyder’s assistant will also determine an out-of-pocket estimate, after you have registered, and discuss this with you prior to scheduling.

Due to a very high demand for a limited number of appointment times, you will be charged $50 to register, which is promptly refunded if you are unable to make a vasectomy appointment that suits your needs, or if our out-of-pocket estimate is too high for you. The deposit is not refunded, however, if an appointment is confirmed, but then cancelled without at least 7 days notice. Please read our financial policy for all the details.

Dr. Snyder is a participating member of VasWeb.com, a growing premier nationwide partnership of top quality vasectomy providers.  When you click on the registration link below, you will be redirected to Dr. Snyder’s registration page  on VasWeb, where you will securely enter your personal information. WHEN ASKED, DO NOT SELECT “HEALTH DEPARTMENT” AS THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DR. SNYDER’S PRACTICE. The registration process is explained on the opening page of the registration: